Carousel Mirrors, Panels, & Trim

Carousel Mirrors, Panels, & Trim

Our selection of Carousel Mirrors, Panels, Rounding Boards, and Trim includes both Antiques and Reproductions.

ROUNDING BOARDS & MIRRORS..can be used to enhance the entire room by finishing it off with one of our Carousel Rounding Boards, Mirrors, or Carousel Center Panels.

Even add the carousel lighting to it.

      HEADBOARDS How about using one of our Carousel Rounding Boards, or Chariot sides for a Headboard .
         ENTRANCES.... archway entrance to a great room, or the short space above your Kitchen cabinates.   

We can even make you a custom Carousel base, with a carousel panel across the top. Think of one in your carousel collection.    

Choose from our selection of already painted pieces or have us paint Your custom colors, we will be happy to work with you.  Contact us for additional photos of any item

GO GREEN, antique Carousel pieces are the ultimate in recycling . 

You will also receive a photo record of the restoration and painting (if we did the work) and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Please come back often to see our latest pieces We are always getting in more  new, or old items....if you don't see what you want ask...we will be glad to help you...

  All the items we show are IN STOCK and ready to go ......Please Click on each Photo for more Details

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