Carousel Stand & Base Sets

Carousel Stand & Base Sets

Largest Carousel Horse Stands, and Carousel Horse base selection available
    Wood or metal, Cast Iron complete base sets include all the Brass for your horse.

We even have a set to make your horse a Rocking Carousel Horse !

    If you do not see what you want we will custom make one for you.

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            Usually most Antique Carousel Jumpers use 2 inch Brass
                                        Antique Carousel Standers use 1 inch Brass
                                        Antique Carousel Prancers use 1 inch Brass
 Please call use with any questions or concerns about your horse's needs at 352-669-6449,

 we will be glad to help you.

   Check out ALL our of our base sets ....(3 pages)   Click on Each item for Details....


                will have several new Styles of Base sets

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4 leg Fancy Heavy 4 Leg Fancy Cast Iron Base Set Heavy
  • $450.00
star 16 Starburst Round Cast Iron 16 inch Base set Only 1 left in stock
  • $325.00
RndFlorentine-24 inch Round Florentine Cast Iron Stand - 24 inch Diameter
  • $450.00
RndFlorentine 16 16 inch Round Florentine Cast Iron Stand
  • $395.00
4 leg Light Braided 4 Leg Fancy Cast Iron Base Set Braided
  • $375.00
PLRnd1 18 Inch, Plain Round Cast Iron Base Set
  • $275.00
A3111 4 Leg Plain Base for Small Jumpers, Prancers, Standers
  • $275.00
SKU17558 Black Steel Folk Art Carousel Stand
  • $295.00
XBase1 Oak X Base Set for any Horse
  • $300.00
10000018179 Oval Oak Base Set for Jumpers Only 4 left in stock
  • $350.00
SKU17926 Track Machine Carousel Horse Base Set
  • $340.00
WBSjump Wood Base - For Jumpers
  • $350.00
Items: 112 of 36