Coin-Op Horse Supplies

Coin-Op Horse Supplies

Here are the most commonly needed items  and supplies, including new Kiddie ride horse saddles, if you are cleaning up your Coin-Operated horse or doing a full restoration. 

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SKU Product name   Price  
SKU177382 Coin-operated Kiddie Ride Horse Saddle Set
  • $475.00
SKU1751512 Coin-Op Horse Bridle and Breast Collar
  • $160.00
SKU17515123461 Coin-Op Horse Breast Collar ONLY
  • $95.00
SKU1751511 Coin-Op Horse Bridle Only
  • $75.00
SKU17734 Coin-Op Horse Reins
  • $23.00
SKU17834 Kiddie Ride Horse Saddle Stirrups
  • $75.00
SKU17800 Bit for Multi-Speed Coin Operated Horse
  • $305.00
SKU17759 Kiddie ride Coin Box Stand
  • $95.00
SKU17737 Coin Box Replacements, choose .10 or .25 cents
  • $425.00
SKU17736 Coin-Op Horse Decals Champion,Big Bronco, or Trigger
  • $140.00
SKU17710 Kiddie Ride "Sandy" Horse Nameplates
  • $150.00
SKU17514 Coin-Op Rubber Boots and/or Rings
  • $10.00
Items: 112 of 14


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