Coin-Operated Horses & More

Coin-Operated Horses & More

Remember the days growing up, we all started riding on these at the grocery store, shoe store, Sears, and the 5 & 10 cent Store.
 We restore and paint Vintage"Kiddie Ride", mechanical and coin-operated horse and merry go round ride items mostly from the 1950-60's. 

     Need a replacement Saddle or Coin Box we have those too!

We can paint an authentic restoration for you. We can custom paint a fantasy horse(the Princess Horse) or one to look like your Live Horse, Race Horse, for your store (your logo) or home. We specialize in custom theme room decor horses.

      How about a Horse for your little Cowboy or Cowgirl !

One of our Custom horses is in the Mid- Hudson Children's Museum in Poughkeepsie, RFD Tv has our "Trigger" in their lobby, Tivoli Gardens has 2 of our custom horses. Many of our pieces have sold thru Mecum Car Auction, and Barrett Jackson Car Auctions, Road Art collectors.
    Our horses are individually priced starting at $3500. to $15,000. for extra special custom pieces.

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