Coin-Operated Horses & More

Coin-Operated Horses & More

Remember the days growing up, we all started riding on these at the grocery store, shoe store, Sears, and the 5 & 10 cent Store.
 We restore and paint Vintage"Kiddie Ride", mechanical and coin-operated horse and merry go round ride items mostly from the 1950-60's. 

     Need a replacement Saddle or Coin Box we have those too!

We can paint an authentic restoration for you. We can custom paint a fantasy horse(the Princess Horse) or one to look like your Live Horse, Race Horse, for your store (your logo) or home.

      How about a Horse for your little Cowboy or Cowgirl !

One of our Custom horses is in the Mid- Hudson Children's Museum in Poughkeepsie, RFD Tv has our "Trigger" in their lobby, Tivoli Gardens has 2 of our custom horses. Many of our pieces have sold thru Mecum Car Auction, and Barrett Jackson Car Auctions, Road Art collectors.
    Our horses are individually priced starting at $3500. to $15,000. for extra special custom pieces.

Please Click on each Photo for more Versions of that Horse and Details....   

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  • Speed Queen Kiddie Boat By Bally

    Speed Queen Kiddie Boat By Bally

             Coin-Op Bally MFG. "Speed Queen" Speedboat Kiddie Ride c1953, "A Bally Ride",

    A fully restored kiddie speed boat ride made by Bally USA. Painted in a rich metallic Bronze boat and action wave painted base. Upholstered Seat. Looks like a SeaRay Boat.

            Works wonderfully. Great detail and function to this seldom seen kiddie ride. The boat rocks and rolls over the waves.  Restored with 25 cent coin box. Can take 1-4 coins.

             Dimensions 68" x 36" x 30".

                    We Still need to add a few finishing touches, lights and name.

    We can add your Boat name or Logo! 

              Please see video.

    FOB Deland Florida    $9500.

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    • $9500.00
  • Custom Kiddie Boat Ride Chris Craft Style

    Coin operated Kiddie Boat

          Over the waves, this little Kiddie boat, 

    This great little boat is from the 1950's.  This  Chris Craft Kiddie Style Boat is in restoration now. 

         This boat is almost finished, will be ready to go home very shortly.

               Will be a great addition to your collection or for you kids or grand children.

              Coin box is new, takes quarters (can set for 1-4 coins)

      Measurements are about 68 inches long and 36 inches wide.

              The boat can be custom lettered  your colors for an additional charge.

    Shipping by commercial truck or pick up. 

             Is there anything special you are looking for ??????, we would be glad to help you find it.......

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    • $8995.00
  • Custom Sandy Coin Operated Horse , Your colors

    "Sandy "  the Coin Operated Horse        

                      1950-1960's aluminum Sandy, this photo is restored horse.

    Great for a 2-8 year old...this will be custom painted,      your choice of colors.....

    He has a  10 0r 25 cent coin Box that can be set to take up to 4 coins.

     New studded Black or Brown leather saddle, bridle , and breast collar.

              This one is  ready for us to paint for you today ! 

    here are a few customized Sandy photos too...                             

    Measurements are....Total  20” wide, 56” Long and 41” high, Base is  20” wide, 36”long and 13” high 

           We can paint another any colors you desire, or ad your personal or business artwork (additional fee)

                   FOB from Deland ,Florida  about $600. shipped by commercial truck or pick up in Florida.

                                      Weight: 230 pounds uncrated

                             Call us to order....Marsha 352-669-6449.


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    • $4995.00
  • Champion Kiddie Ride Horse, Metallic Tri Colored Pinto

    Original, fully restored coin operated, mechanical CHAMPION Horse.

    The Champion Horse was modeled after Gene Autrey's famous horse...

    They would not allow Bally to use the Gene Autrey it became "Ride The Champion." 

            This Horse is painted as a tri-colored Pinto,  (Copper , White, and Black with a Black Mane and Tail) with real  Black leather saddle and bridle with round studs. Drop in a coin and ride away.....

    Original Champion Horse, circa 1940-50's, coin-op,  .25 cent .           

         The  "Ride the Champion 25 cent"  comes standard. He is 2 speed, pull the reins and he speeds up, release and he slows down. Base is on locking wheels.


             This horse is a Custom Color...he is a rich Metallic Copper with white and black to show off his shape and shading of the muscles. 

          Saddle is a Vintage Black special saddle we restored, all original studs, in excellent condition.

    Measurements are 50" tall x about 70" long. 20 inches  wide. Weight 350 pounds

    Delivery is FOB by truck. 

                              Available Now, this one of a kind painted horse!

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    • $9995.00
  • Thunderbolt the Coin Operated Horse

    Thunderbolt the Coin Operated Horse

                 This horse is an Aluminum Cast horse named  Thunderbolt was produced by RocaRide Sales in 1952.

    RocaRide Sales released only 1 different machine under this trade name. Kiddie Horse

    Distributed by several companies throughout the country.  YOUR COLORS

                  Especially recognizable by the ears and mane molded together in aluminum.

                 They were made in several colors, brown, tan and some special orders. The base is  original to this horse, it is angled in the front. Two speed, he gallops and trots.

                    He came with a light colored saddle and a blanket under it (which usually did not last long.)

                  This horse measures  66 inches long, 24 inches wide, 54 inches tall.

                             We can paint him your favorite colors! 

                  Yes he can be ready for Christmas!!!!

    FOB Deland , Florida

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    • $5995.00
  • Coin operated Champion Horse (Palomino in Stock now!)

    Original, fully restored Coin operated, mechanical CHAMPION Horse. 

         The Champion Horse was modeled after the famous Gene Autrey's Horse. Comes with real Leather Saddle and Bridle. Drop in a coin and ride away. Please call for prices.

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    • $6995.00
  • Ride Bucky the Bucking Bronco by Bally

    Ride Bucky the Bucking Bronco


      1950-1960 coin-operated kiddie ride horse by Bally. 

          One of the rarest of all the kiddie rides.

    • Color  Buckskin(tan with dark brown) with B Brand on his hip. 

         Movement. Moves up & down and not scary fast.

      He bends right in the middle to look like a  bucking horse. See video link attached

      On wheels 
      Measures 56” L x 28” W. 

      • Made of Fiberglass horse, metal base, can add diamond plating on base and/or name/logo.


        So, if your kids/grandkids are into Rodeo this Bucking horse is for them! No feeding, no vet, nor shoeing bills. Just ride and have fun!

      • $12,000;

      • shipping FOB Deland, Florida or pick up.

      • ph.352-669-6449, Deland , Florida

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    • $12000.00
  • Trigger Kiddie Ride Roy Rogers Horse

    Yes we have several original, Coin operated "Trigger." 

     One ready to ship now. Click for more photos


    Original Roy Rogers' Coin Operated TRIGGER.

    Measurement are 70 inches long,20 inches wide, 54 inches tall. Black or Green base colors

           What childhood memories this one brings!  We have 2 different Triggers and an original Roy Rogers saddle.

              See him in motion...

    Pull on the reins and he slows down and stops, release the reins and he speeds up.

            Our horses are restored as close to original as possible with antique saddles and bridles. Some are single speed but we have one that is a "stop motion" when you pull the reins.

            For the real Roy Rogers collector, we have one horse that will be fitted with an Original "Roy Rogers Pony Saddle." or rare Parade Saddles (additional) .This rare collectible item adds to the value and the details of this great horse.

    All are horses are completely rewired and checked from top to bottom.

          FOB Deland Florida  or pick up

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    • $6995.00
  • Sweet Pony Coin-operated Horse
    • SALE!

    Sweet Pony Coin-operated Horse

    Sweet Pony Coin-operated Horse

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    • $3995.00
    • $3495.00
      • SALE!
  • My Pretty Pony Coin Operated Horse ...English Saddle

    My Pretty Pony Coin Operated Horse ...English Saddle

    Don't you wish you had one of these growing up? Almost as good as the real thing.

                     I will custom paint any color horse you want, and match a English saddle set to it for girls or boys. 

    Can add their names to the base or a special message. How do you like this snazzy Lime Green Saddle ???  or would you prefer the  saddle Brown or Black?

    This horse is meant to be played with...ride it, comb and braid the mane and tail, put on her blanket, feed her...and with the best house manners.

    She or he comes complete with real hair mane and tail, and a full play pack !

     My Pretty Pony       Measurements are....   Total  20” wide, 56” Long and 41” high 

                                                      Base  is   20” wide, 36”long and 13” high

                                                         Weight: 230 pounds uncrated

     Has a Quarter slot, good to get chores done and give as a reward too! 

                 Order Now for Christmas delivery!!!!  These Horses are all custom painted !!!!

    Shipped by truck about $500. 

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    • $4995.00
  • Coin operated Horse...Painted as your Horse

             How would you like Your Horse in the house, no clean up? We can custom paint Your Horse and Logo or Name and furnish him or her in English, Western, or Racing tack. One or 2 speed horses. Call for Pricing.

    One or 2 speed horses. Call for custom pricing.

            One of our horses was featured at the Equine Practitioners Conference and was on their advertising logo!

    Here are a few of our custom horses for you to see.

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    • $6995.00
  • Plexiglass Sided Champion Coin-Op Horse

    Ride The Champion 

    Lifelike Bay , copper metallic body,  Black mane and tail, white socks and white star on faceScroll down for more photos.....

    This horse is in work, with the Diamond Plate foot step up area...

            Western Horse with  Spot studded genuine black leather cowboy saddle- 

    Walks, trots and gallops. Rider controls gait with reins. Including extended legs. •

    Requires 6 ft by 2 ft 3 in. floor space. Appeals to youngsters from 3 to 14.

    This is the classic 1950s kiddie ride that transports young cowpokes on an imaginary horseback journey to the Old West. Commonly encountered in front of grocery stores, the original ride was created by the Bally Manufacturing Corporation and named after the favorite horse of popular television cowboy Gene Autry.

               It uses a 110-volt electric motor to replicate the same one-minute "riding" motion it provided more than a half a century ago,

            Made of fiberglass, Champion rests on a steel base emblazoned with "Ride The Champion."

    All new Coin box , coin slot can be 10 or 25 cent. 

              the is Plexiglas on the sides exposing the mechanical ride components.

    A light turns when the horse ride is in operation to reveal the fun motors, pulleys, and belts that drive this famous Horse.

    Measurements are....48" H x 30" W x 70" L. (400 lbs.) 


    FOB Deland Florida, shipping by commercial truck 

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    • $9500.00
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