Carousel Horse Restoration and Painting

Restoration and Painting

     Do you have an old Carousel or Rocking Horse, or Coin Operated Horse that you inherited, purchased or found and is just waiting to come to life again... bring him or her to us.
     We have been professionily bring these pieces back from the horrors of age, layers of old paint, water and rot damage to pieces of art, for almost 32 years now.

      If you are a recent victim of the hurricanes, or fire we will give you an insurance quote for hurricane restoration work.
      All our work is done in house and we would be glad to give you an estimate. You are welcome to send photos or bring them over.

Will will be sharing with you some of our BEFORE and AFTER Photos, Please look under the Catagory section on the drop down menue or on the main page.

      The actual Restoration and painting process will be photographed for you,"Your Baby Book", to see the tranformation and enjoy it for years to come.
The actual process is to first a full primary assesment, and plan. Then the stripping process begins, some have but a layer or two of paint , others have as many as 15 or 20 coats of old paint. After the stripping we can actually see and reacess all the problems to be solved.
      Next begins the entire process of taking the Horse apart and beginning the repairs, many are minor, others need entire legs, tail, ears recarved, eyes replaced, wood rot attended to. It is a long process. Only after all has been done we begin to see the light....putting the horse back together, refitting,glueing, & doweling. Now instead of slats on the floor he is begining to look like a Carousel or rocking horse again.
      Then more work, sanding and priming, sanding and priming, and more sanding and priming (who said this was fun!) , and finally the last layer of primer.......

    NOW I can finally get my favorite part, gold leafing, and painting. Bringing him back to life!!!! The final stages are shading, antiqueing, and clear coating. Each horse is different, with your input as to colors, it is my challange to fit it all together and make him and you sparkle...........they always give me more ideas what to do next time....little changes, new color combinations.....cannot wait to start the next one!!!!!!!!