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Decorating Ideas with Carousel and Rocking Horses

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ROOM DIVIDERS...Have you thought of using your Carousel Horse as a room Divider ....

You can try the inexpensive way, such as using a draped Cocktail table to sit him (or her) up on.

You can knock down 1/2 to 2/3 of a wall, put a shelf and mount with a pole, top to bottem, even leave an old window frame in and use that as the framing.........(be creative) . then you can drape around the bottem , or add an extra Brass Pole or two at either end.

We sell all the poles and supplies and special order items too.

ALCOVES & KITCHENS.& PLANT SHELVES....Small Jumpers, long Streched Jumpers, Rocking and Glider Horses look great on Plant Shelves, built in Alcoves, or above your Kitchen Cabinets, You can start a real collection up there.

STAIRCASE.. We have had many customers build there new homes around a Horse (well not entirely) at least an alcove in the wall of a staircase, or for smaller horses on the outside of the Banister or on the extension landing over the staircase !

Think of changing to a Bay Window with recessed lighting. Even have had several build on new rooms....they tend to breed or multiply (I don't know how !)

MANTLES.... Newest ideas, we have just hung a Jumper over a mantel of a fireplace, by hanging it from the ceiling, and attached to the wall with a set fo bicycle hangers.

WALL HORSE...Not enough room for a whole horse, how about a 1/2, or 1/4 horse mounted on the wall . We can even design an entire mural around them for you.Even just a horse head....

VARY HEIGHTS...You can group your carousel collection together and add interest by mounting them on different levels in the same area. By using a bleacher style stair mountings you can fit lots more horses in a space.

ROUNDING BOARDS & MIRRORS...Enhance the entire room by finishing it off with one of our Carousel Rounding Boards, Mirrors, or Carousel Center Panels. Even add the carousel lighting to it.

HEADBOARDS How about using one of our Carousel Rounding Boards, or Charriot sides for a Headboard .

ENTRANCES.... archway entrance to a great room. We can custom paint them any colors too.

RIDABLE HORSES.... How many of you have granchildren visiting????We can make bases so they can sit on them...rock on them ...or even mechanical bases.

We hope to bring you many more new ideas and articles,

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