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Antique Albany Cutter Horse Sleigh

Antique Albany Cutter Horse Sleigh
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This Sleigh is from the Victorian era 1890's through early 1900's. Beautiful lines and shape,

This Sleigh has been fully restored it and painted color and highlighted it with gold to show the beautiful Swell Belly shaping, then added the gold look designs on the front, back and inside.

We have 2- 5 foot Carousel Reindeer that are available to lead this sleigh! ( They run $3500. each...see photos)

This is an antique horse drawn snow sleigh. An Albany cutter stye, dating to the mid 19th century, this sleigh was purchased years ago in New England.

It was refurbished with a maroon lacquer, floral, and pin stripe finish, including pin stripes on the metal frame. The seat and seat back upholstery is buttoned. A matching floral oriental style carpet finishes the beautiful interior.

The elegant and sporty lines and decorations were the hallmark of the Albany sleigh. Built for speed...like today's sports cars.

Measures about 45"x68"x37" and about 150lbs. Stack your light-weight gifts in it or show your holiday spirit in a restaurant, store or other setting.

You can pick this item up as it will fit in the bed of most pickup trucks, or we can arrange delivery. We will also rent this item locally....call us at 352-669-6449.

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